9TH GRADE BIOLOGY (Mr. Duane's Class)
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April 08, 2010


Protein Introduction


Objective: DNA is an organic compound that contains genetic information that is written in the "language of life".  You need to understand the components that make up DNA molecules, and how information is coded.  In other words, you must be "fluent" with the "language of life" and tell what it all means.

Specifically, be able to...


Label the components of a nucleotide


Distinguish a DNA molecule from a RNA molecule


Explain DNA replication


Transcribe a strand of DNA onto mRNA


Apply the mRNA code to translate mRNA, listing the sequence of amino acids


 Find and classify mutations from altered amino acid sequences  


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 On-Line Readings:

mRNA code

DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis

DNA: Historical Perspective


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Diagrams & PowerPoint References


DNA & RNA (complete slide show)

DNA Structure & Replication

RNA Transcription

Structural Diagrams: Amino Acids




Graphic Organizer: DNA Structure & Replication

Graphic Organizer: RNA Transcription & Translation



HW Questions (DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis, Mutations




WebActivity: Mutations (sickle cell & Bacteria)

Activity: Building Protein 



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On-Line Resources:

http://vector.cshl.org/dnaftb/1/concept/index.html This is a large site contains animatins and introduces the concept of DNA and details the genetic code.  The section entitled the Molecules of Genetics is useful for exploring DNA.  

Genetic Science Learning Center    Genetic Science Learning Center: This interactive site from the University of Utah contains graphics and animations that answer the question, What is DNA? and What is a protein?

http://library.thinkquest.org/18617/data/types/dna.html               DNA: Prelude to the Symphony of Life. This site from Thinkquest contains text and diagrams about the structure of DNA nucleotides.

http://www.ornl.gov/hgmis/publicat/primer/fig2.html              DNA Structure.  This site contains a diagram of the molecular structure of a DNA molecule.  

http://www.thetech.org/hyper/genome/overview.html        This site from TheTech.com contains information and graphics about DNA.  






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DNA Fingerprinting

http://esg-www.mit.edu:8001/esgbio/rdna/fingerprint.html    DNA Structure & DNA Fingerprinting. This site gives background about DNA fingerprinting and details the steps necessary for the procedure.  

http://www.tdo.com/local/graphics/dna/dna.htm    DNA Fingerprinting: This site also gives background about DNA fingerprinting, especially as it pertains to forensics.

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RNA Transcription & Protein Synthesis

http://www.genecrc.org/site/lc/lc2z.htm Genetics fact pages.  Provides introductory information and links to sites about DNA, RNA transcription, translation and protein synthesis.

http://gened.emc.maricopa.edu/bio/bio181/BIOBK/BioBookDNAMOLGEN.html        This site gives historical background to the “discovery” of the DNA double helix and provides detail about the structure of DNA.  Continue to the next page to research RNA transcription and Protein Synthesis (translation).

http://www.eurekascience.com/ICanDoThat/dna_detail.htm    This site for Eureka Science contains information about DNA structure, DNA replication, RNA, and Protein Synthesis.  Simple language and cartoon animations explain these concepts.

http://www.eurekascience.com/ICanDoThat/dna_detail.htm    This site discusses DNA Structure & Function, provides historical background, details transcription and translation, and discusses issues surrounding genetic engineering.  

http://library.thinkquest.org/18617/data/synthesis/transcription.html     This site from Thinkquest details the process of transcription (RNA synthesis)

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http://www.hhmi.org/GeneticTrail/errors/wyso.htm        This site explains mutations in asking “Why are there so many errors in our DNA?”  

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